May 25, 2013

The "before"

I love before and after photos. I think they are insanely motivational, and they tell such a tremendous story of sacrifice, dedication, strength, and hard work. I hope I will be able to have some good "afters" one day to tell my story. For now, here's my before.

We'll just ignore the fact that I'd just gone running and have no makeup on. Which brings me to my next point. I keep seeing women with full face makeup on to workout out here. I'm in the no makeup camp. What are your thought on this? What do you wear to workout?


shelley said...

first of all, you are not allowed to post "before" photos and title them that when they look better than all of the rest of the world's "after" photos. seriously.

also, my thought on the girls exercising in makeup - they're not really exercising. i mean, the only time i'm exercising in makeup is if i'm exercising at the end of my day and i didn't have time to take it off. if you're putting on makeup to exercise, then you're not really intending to exercise.

on the field trip, a little boy in shae's class said to me, "ms. a-gar, ms. a-gar, is you have a baby in your tummy?" no. "then why your tummy so fat?"


Nicole said...

I agree with your sister--your befores look better than most people's agters! I love how motivated you are and how you continuously achieve your goals. You are an inspiration!!