June 8, 2010

Hey Harry Potter Fans!

Alright y'all, I don't want to make anyone jealous, but I just got my own Nimbus. For real. No, not a Nimbus 2000. A Nimbus 12. Gel.

Okay okay, it's not a flying broomstick, but you better believe I'll be flying when I'm wearing these babies!!!! What? Too nerdy? Should I dial it down a notch? Fine. But I'd like YOU to find a better cure for jellylegs (okay, that was the last one).

Back to the shoes. I love them already. I've been having some pain a particular bone in both my feet lately, and then started getting some pain in my knees. I decided to take it easy for a couple of days, which helped. But I didn't want to start running again until I had new shoes because I figured that was a main contributing factor to my pain. I went in and did the gait test to see how I ran and what shoe I needed, and apparently I need a neutral shoe because I run with my foot exactly perpendicular to the ground, and the shoes I had were not neutral. I thought I was over-pronating when I ran because of where my pain was, but apparently it was the shoe!

So hopefully these babies will correct the problem and I will love them! They're super comfortable and actually have 600 miles of life in them as opposed to the normal 400 of most running shoes. So I should only have to buy one other pair before the marathon. Awesome.

Running's going good. Had my 9 mile on Saturday and apart from a killer sunburn, I returned in one piece. Can't wait to try out my Nimbus, Nimbuses, Nimbusi, whatever the plural is, tomorrow. I have my first hill run tomorrow - wish me luck!