June 11, 2013

This wasn't supposed to happen!

I am about to do something really really humiliating. Truly. But it needs to be done. For my own sake.

I'm going to post my stats.

Before we start, I have a few things to say. First of all, I am having a hard time losing the baby weight this time around. I gained 50 pounds and have only been able to get off half. It's starting to become more than a little embarrassing. The other day I was talking to my girlfriend and I squatted down to tie my shoe. Trevor comes running up behind me, grabs giant fistfuls of my overhanging tummy, and laughs hysterically. He continued on in maniacal fashion, pulling and squishing my tummy, increasing the intensity of his laughter and the speed at which he kneaded my soft, pliable skin. I stared up at my friend, smiling and amused, and said "this is my life now," to which she returned an even bigger smile and replied "join the club."

While I'm all for amusing my children, I think there are better ways of doing so than having a silly and inviting spare tire hanging around my midsection. But I will admit, that memory will forever be one of my favorite mommy moments. That kid's reaction was pure glee.

Anyway, I was making some headway with the weight loss, but then I started birth control. I have not only stopped losing weight, but I have begun to gain some back, and at a rapid pace. None of my clothes, including my new pants I just bought a month ago, fit me anymore. It's frustrating. I just assumed after you have a baby, you LOSE weight. Gaining was never ever ever part of the plan. Especially not when I'm still so far from my pre pregnancy weight. So I'm going to have to work a bit harder if I want to win this battle. I am up for the challenge. Here are the stats of my journey so far:

March 30: the day Charlie was born, I weighed 175.

Day 1: (this was the point right after the pregnancy where I'd dropped that giant amount from the baby, and then plateaued)
May 9th
Weight: 152
Bicep: 11"
Chest: 37"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 41"
Thighs: 24"
Calves: 15"

I started running 1-2 miles a day and lifting weights, coupled with eating high protein, low carb meals. I took more measurements 2 weeks later.

May 20th
Weight: 146
Bicep: 10 1/2"
Chest: 37"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 40"
Thighs: 23"
Calves: 14 3/4"

I was very pleased with my progress. I was working hard and not only lost weight, but inches as well. At this point I could fit into some of my pre pregnancy clothes. Then I started birth control, and things took a wrong turn......

June 11th 
Weight: 154
Bicep: 11"
Chest: 38"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 40 1/2"
Thighs: 22 1/2"
Calves: 15"

Yup, so I gained it all back and then some. Depressing, huh? I'm hoping it's mostly water weight and once my hormones start regulating, it will be easier to lose it. Fingers crossed?

I am increasing my miles and activity this week and reevaluating the diet, so I'll be posting new (hopefully better) measurements soon.

May 25, 2013

The "before"

I love before and after photos. I think they are insanely motivational, and they tell such a tremendous story of sacrifice, dedication, strength, and hard work. I hope I will be able to have some good "afters" one day to tell my story. For now, here's my before.

We'll just ignore the fact that I'd just gone running and have no makeup on. Which brings me to my next point. I keep seeing women with full face makeup on to workout out here. I'm in the no makeup camp. What are your thought on this? What do you wear to workout?

Another Go

Since I last posted here, I have run 2 marathons, 3 half marathons, a handful of 5 and 10k's, and had a baby. Needless to say, my body has been put through the ringer and stressed in myriad ways.

I feel like any time I've needed some motivation in my fitness goals, this blog has helped. Journaling my journey helps me to see how far I've come. And since no one reads this blog, it has become essentially that - a journal. I have used this as a way to track weight loss, and a way to track running goals, and now I'm using it as both.

I am almost 2 months out from having had baby #3, and I am now trying to lose the weight. This pregnancy was rough on my body. I gained 50 pounds. 50! I've lost half that, and now I'm working on the rest. I also would like to run another half marathon the end of summer, and a full sometime this winter. Here's the beginning of my journey!

September 15, 2011

I need more tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmeeee!

It's finally here. The day I've been preparing for for half a year now. The St. George Marathon. It wasn't supposed to sneak up this quickly, but it did. WOW. In less than three weeks, I am going to be (hopefully) be running 26.2 miles.

I feel ready in a lot of ways. I mean, I've been training and preparing like crazy, so I feel I've done my part. I wish I had taken my training more seriously in the beginning, but I got caught up to my schedule and I've logged some serious hours and miles, so I guess that's all I can do.

However, does one EVER feel prepared to run a marathon? I mean, the farthest I've ever run is 21 miles, and I've done it once. Once! The marathon is 5 miles longer than that. It seems crazy to think that my body will just understand how to do that. But I feel assured that it will, so I am powering forward. I have never been so excited, overwhelmed, anxious, sickened, empowered, confident, and terrified. Simultaneously.

I have no goals for this race, other than crossing the finish line. I am hoping I can do it under the 6 hour max requirement they have, but we'll see. I don't care if it takes me 10 hours and I'm crawling across the finish line. I just want to finish. On my own, without being driven across in an emergency vehicle. I think that's a fair and attainable goal.

October 1st is the day! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

The ol' training plan

Training has been going really well. I have been pleased lately to learn just what I am capable of. What my body and my mind are both capable of. We are amazing creatures. I AM an amazing creature. I think we rarely give ourselves enough credit. I know I don't. I am quick to cut myself down, and slow to recognize my acomplishments. I've been really working on that lately because that's not who I am. It's not who I want to be. I want to be strong, confident, humble, and loving. And I can't love others truly until I love myself. This is another way runnning has helped me, and another way in which it's intensely spiritual to me. It is helping me love myself. Forgive myself. See myself as a strong, capable woman who needs to be more patient and kind. To HERSELF. And I have been. The harder my training gets, the more I'm able to let go of my expectations and just BE. It's invigorating. Empowering even. I think even after my race is done, I'm going to continue to run. I'm hooked.

Anway, on to how my training has gone. I have been running 5-8 miles a day, 4 days a week (M-Th). I rest Friday and run a long run on Saturday. Sunday is my recovery day where I go on a long walk. For about a month there I had been running a consistent 8 minute mile. Some days were a little slower, some (amazingly) were a little faster. But on average, about an 8 minute mile. And I could maintain that speed over an entire 8 mile run. It was the peak of my physical prowess. I felt amazing. Then I ran my 18 mile run. Keep in mind, it was my 18 mile run last year that ended up taking me out of the marathon due to stress fractures on my tibia. So I entered the run with a bit of trepidation. But I felt much more prepared this year than last, so I held my head high and went out on my long run. It was exhausting. At mile 13 I felt amazing. So so great, and I felt like I could really do it! By mile 14 I was ready to die. It's crazy how just 1 mile takes it out of you, but it happens and it happens fast! I was spent. I slowed my pace drastically to prevent an overtraining injury. I still felt like I was going to pass out. My slow pace kept me from returning before the sun came up so it started getting hot. Really hot. Arizona hot. It made the run much harder, and again I slowed my pace. By about mile 16 I thought I might pass out or vomit (or both), and my pace slowed to a walk. I walked the last 2 miles. I finally arrived home, hot, sore, miserable, sick, and painfully depressed that it took me 6 hours to run / walk 18 miles. I knew then that I would never be able to run the marathon. Not with the few short weeks I had left. I was depressed.

Fast forward 2 days to when my foot was still hurting from the run. Not just sore, but excruciating, where I couldn't even walk on it. A trip to the dr and an xray later revealed that it wasn't stress fractures, but I had torn ligaments in my foot. It wouldn't keep me from running, just make it extremely painful to do so. I took a week off to let it heal and then started back with low miles. That 8 minute mile I was running? Yeah, it got flushed down the drain. It's now a 10 minute mile. I'm actually quite okay with that because even a 10 minute mile means I'm still running! It could have been much worse.

Fast forward 2 more weeks and I had my 21 mile run. I was very anxious because the 18 mile run was such a bust. But I knew it had to be done, even if I walked half of it. This time I put bananas and powerbars every 5 miles because I felt that maybe my lightheadedness from the 18 miler was due to improper nutrition. It made all the difference. I was able to run the entire 21 miles, and do it in under 4 hours. I just needed some fuel! I was beaming when I got home. I've never felt so fantastic. Even Sam kept saying "I can't believe you just did that." Well, I did. And I own that. That feels good to say.

I should come clean and say that I *did* walk once. During the sweet guitar solo in "Sweet Child of Mine". So, about a tenth of a mile. Enough to recharge, not enough for me to feel like I didn't run the whole thing. I've since been able to cut my time down to a 9 minute mile, but not consistently. I don't mind. I just want to keep running, however long it takes.

August 25, 2011

Stats Week 2

Here are the new stats for week 2. I started drinking a ton of water, which I think might have made a difference. I was already drinking so much before that now I'm drinking absurd amounts. Like wake up 4 times at night to pee amounts. Anywho, here's round 2.

calf: 14"

thigh (mid): 19 1/4"

thigh (thickest): 22

Hips: 38"

Waist: 28 1/4"

Bust: 34" (yes, you are reading that right. Everyone send subliminal messages to Sam that it's okay for me to get implants)

Bicep: 10"

Weight: 131.5

So I lost about 1/4" all around (except in my bust, but we are not going to talk about that). Maybe I'm coming off the bloated, eat everything you can high that I was on. Fingers crossed!!!

There's also a new post below, so don't skip it (if you're at all interested)!

Mental Block

I have had such a hard time running lately. I feel like I just don't have it in me anymore. I'm having a hard time staying motivated. Don't get me wrong, I love running, but when I have to wake up at 4am to do it, it kinda takes the fun out of it for me.

I think I've mentioned before but running to me is about 80% mental and only 20% physical. So when I hit these little mental blocks, my running really suffers.

I've been worried this whole last week about whether or not I had stress fractures on my tibia again. After a week of resting it and taking it easy on the treadmill, I am VERY happy to say that it is officially NOT stress fractures, and just really bad shin splints. YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I ran outside today for the first time in a week, and while my shins were pretty frikkin sore, by about mile 4 they were pain free. Now that's what's up!!!!!!!!

I was a little bummed starting out my run this morning because I forgot to start my tracker so I had a whole mile unrecorded, but that's okay. I'll just have to remember that I really did 8 this morning, not 7. It was also a little hard (and strange) because it's just so dark. Honestly, it's dark outside at 4:30am. And because Tucson has an awesome observatory and an amazing sky, there are no streetlamps. So you are running in pitch. black. Kinda scary. I had my phone out for the first 15 minutes shining my flashlight on the trail so I wouldn't step on a rattlesnake. I was really praying I wasn't going to be attacked. By a person or an animal. About 2 miles in I was ready to turn around and go back. But then the trail made a bend out of obscurity, and I saw the amazing Tucson sky - filled with stars shining brilliantly against the smooth midnight blue sky. I stopped. Right there in the middle of my run. I just stopped and stared. It was astounding. I said a prayer of gratitude and continued on my run. Over the next 6 miles, I was able to run through the most vibrant sunset of bright orange and shocking pink, and the strangest shade of pale lavender. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen. The way it rolled off the clouds and broke through the darkness was a thing of wonder. And it all unfurled behind the silhouette of the gorgeous peaks of Mt. Lemon. Honestly, the whole thing was just breathtaking, and I admittedly teared up a few times along the way as I watched it in wonder and amazement. The words to one of my favorite hymns popped into my head, and I turned off my iPod so I could hear the heartfelt words in my head and feel them resonate within me: "Oh Lord, my God, when I, in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made; I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder. Thy power throughout the universe displayed." It played over and over in my head as I, truly in awesome wonder, considered all the wonderful creations of my Father in Heaven. The beauty of the whole Earth, and my body - as weak as it sometimes is - that somehow is so resilient time and time again. In that moment, I realized I had overcome my mental block. I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and immensely grateful. This is one of the reasons I love running so much. It's very spiritual for me. I have my most heartfelt talks with my Father during some of my long runs, and I feel His might and power so deeply as I allow myself to connect with the quietness and calmness of the run. It may sound strange or cheesy, but that's just the truth of it.

I feel grateful today. I feel capable. I feel strengthened.

Just under 8 miles today in just under an hour. Not too shabby.