August 25, 2011

Stats Week 2

Here are the new stats for week 2. I started drinking a ton of water, which I think might have made a difference. I was already drinking so much before that now I'm drinking absurd amounts. Like wake up 4 times at night to pee amounts. Anywho, here's round 2.

calf: 14"

thigh (mid): 19 1/4"

thigh (thickest): 22

Hips: 38"

Waist: 28 1/4"

Bust: 34" (yes, you are reading that right. Everyone send subliminal messages to Sam that it's okay for me to get implants)

Bicep: 10"

Weight: 131.5

So I lost about 1/4" all around (except in my bust, but we are not going to talk about that). Maybe I'm coming off the bloated, eat everything you can high that I was on. Fingers crossed!!!

There's also a new post below, so don't skip it (if you're at all interested)!

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Mom said...

Hey hey doing good...although I think you look just fine