October 19, 2009

New Stats

Okay, that weekend did not do as much damage as I anticipated (woot woo!). So here are my new stats - still have more to go but I'm pleased with my progress:

Hips: 38 1/2

Waist: 30 1/2

Bust: 37

Weight: 136

So my bust lost more inches than anything else. Go figure. Also, I'm noticing now that I've dropped some weight that my stomach has so much loose skin from baby #2. I didn't have that at all with David, but it's kinda weird and gross. Like pizza dough. That's my new goal - to actually do some crunches or something to try to snap that skin back into place. I don't think skin does actually shrink, this may just be my body now. But we'll do what we can, right? Anyone else have this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it? Or did it just stay? Please share your experiences.

Ps. Before and after pics are coming.

October 15, 2009

New stats?.....Maybe later.

I am going to post my new stats. Within the week. It's my promise to you. I was doing really great, but then I fell off the wagon. Our friends came to town and I succumbed. I succumbed to 200 dollars worth of sushi. And extra large hot fudge malts. And chorizo burritos, carnitas burritos, tacos al pastor, chicken quesadillas, and oh so much Dr. Pepper. Then they left, and I said HEY!!! I'm back on! No more crap! And then I made a california club pizza. Or two. And then I made some spicy garlic aioli that was begging to be slathered on a burger with caramelized onions and meunster cheese. And then I made egg rolls, pad thai and curry! And then I bought some double stuffed oreos!! And Lindor dark chocolate truffles!!!!! Help me!!!!! Seriously, how can you not want to eat all of that????

But today things got better. I had whole wheat french toast with berries. And for lunch, vegetable peanut stir fry. Whew. Things are back under control. We'll forget about the 4 glasses of whole milk I downed today and focus on the positive. We're back on track and headed towards our goal!

I am slightly wary of getting on the scales today, but it's going to happen. Just leave encouraging comments if I haven't lost anything yet. Or worse *gasp* GAINED weight.

September 1, 2009

Meet my body

This is a blog dedicated to my weight loss and yours too, if you want to join me! My plan is to take before and after pics to chart my progress, post stats and goals, exchange healthy recipes, and discuss workout tips and success stories. My hope is that by having to report to readers about my weight loss, I will stick to it because of the pressure! Anyway, we're starting at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

Please note: I do realize that I am blessed to have lost so much weight already, so shortly after the birth of my second child. I do not take it for granted, nor am I complaining about the body I have. It's fine for now. I just want to gradually take off those last few pounds, and definitely tone the flab that's left behind.

So here we go!

Here are my stats (as of Sept. 1):


145 pounds

waist - 32"

hips - 41"

bust - 39 1/2"



135 pounds

waist - 28"

hips - 39"

bust - who am I kidding? Let's leave that one where it is!

Okay, now that I've just laid it all out there (I feel really vulnerable now, by the way), let's get to it! If you want to join me feel free to post your stats - or start your own blog and link it to mine!