August 17, 2011

No pain, no gain

I went running again today. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I feel like I can't run without it hurting somewhere. I solve one problem and I hurt somewhere else, so I try to fix that and something else happens. My body is putting up a good fight trying to get me to stop, but I swear I'm going to win if it kills me.

Every time my shin hurts I get terrified that I've just given myself another round of stress fractures. So far it hasn't been anything I can't run through, so I figure I'll just keep going till I can't go any further.

In a way I actually like the pain aspect of it. I feel more triumphant at the end of a run that I know wasn't easy. I enjoy testing my physical limitations and pushing myself, so tiny bits of pain that just make it tough but not impossible are enjoyable to me. Is that strange?

Today I ran 5.17 miles in 41.5 minutes. That's an 8 minute mile. Not as good as yesterday, but I was in a bit of pain today so I'm just glad I finished.


Nicole said...

Ugh, Shannon it sounds awful. You are the woman for powering through the pain. And still getting such great times on top of it!!

Jennifer said...

Have you tired Yoga before? I did Hot Yoga last night and it was amazing. My IT band had been hurting since Saturday's run, but not anymore. You should really look into a class in your area.